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EC Life Planner 2017 - 4In honour of the Erin Condren launch of the new 2017 life planners, I have dedicated two posts to it (yes, TWO posts in ONE day?! Say whaaaat? I know, very unusual for me… but it was just way too long for one post).  You can find part one over here.  If you are new to EC life planners, I would recommend you pop over to part one as that will give you a good overview of what the life planner is and some photos of the inside.

Here, I am going to talk more about the new features and what I love (or don’t love) about them!  So I am assuming you’ve read the first post or already know about Erin Condren life planners…

EC Life Planner 2017 LuxeAs I mentioned in part one, there’s tons of new life planners for 2017 (including a “luxe” range, which is a gorgeous leather-like cover with metallic writing on it).  The luxe covers are not interchangeable but if you prefer a rich leather-like texture, over a plastic one then these might be the best for you!  It’s great to see this range as it definitely shows that EC are listening to their users.  The luxe range currently have three options in colours and they are all so beautiful.  Personally, I am a big fan of the bright colourful covers that I associate with EC but I have seen a lot of smiles and excitement for this range in the community so I would love to see one in person!  Perhaps I’ll change my mind…  I think perhaps it’s because you can’t change the quote – and although it’s simple and cute – I would like to see some different quote options or perhaps a floral outline / pattern in the corner.  For now, I’m loving all of the new designs for the interchangeable covers – it’s just so hard to pick my favourites out of those!

What’s great about the Erin Condren launch this year is that they have added a “preview my planner” option, allowing you to see what your planner cover might look like once it’s been personalised!  Using that tool, I have created the three that I would love to have:


What’s exciting about the new release this year, however, is that you can also choose your coil colour in these interchangeable planners!  (The platinum coil is included for free but you can “upgrade” to gold, rose gold and black for an extra $10).

I would get the first with a gold coil, the second with rose gold and the third with a platinum coil.  The main reason for the different coil colours is because they (not only suit the respective planner cover best, in my opinion but also) would make it easy to know which is which when they are lined up on my planner shelf.  I could easily pull out the planner I wanted, just by looking at the coils.

I’d get one as a Vertical layout, one for Horizontal layout and one for the Hourly layout.  Why three?

Well the vertical would become my home and blog planner – my personal life, essentially.  It would tell me what I had to do at home, when I am meeting friends or attending events and what I have to do for my blog.  It would track my fitness too.  I would break the boxes up into: To Do, Blog and Personal/Other Things.  And under the boxes, I would use that section to jot down any exercise I did, how much I did and keep a track of it.

The horizontal would be a journal – a few lines for a daily summary and some thoughts.  Each day also has a little box on the side and there I would write down something I am grateful for that day or a good thought.  It also gives the freedom of drawing an image, sticking in a sticker or using a stamp in that section if that would work better for the day.  I love doing those things in my journal so I like that this has space to be able to do that sort of thing too.

And finally the hourly would become my work planner, helping me to manage my day and workload by the hour.  I think hourly would also be great if I did become a full-time blogger or self-employed, as planning my day and dedicating specific times to specific activities would be essential for me to be productive.  (I just know I would end up going through emails or browsing through social media for hours if I didn’t allocate a strict time slot for such activities).  I think the hourly would help me to form a routine that is great for me in the working environment.

I really love all of the customisation options this year…  I love colourful themes but with the new options you can choose your inserts to either be colourful or neutral.  So for the work planner, the neutral would be much more professional whilst for my home planner, I’d opt for some colours!

Of course, to get all of those would require me to spend quite a lot of money – so perhaps I’ll just opt for my favourite one?  Picking just one is the hardest part though…  In a dream world, I would get all three of them!  I would also then get tons of the things from the new Travel Collection – have you seen those?!  The watercolor world map has just blown my mind.  I’m an avid traveller… So far in 2016, I have travelled to 4 countries (and 3 states) and I have a 3 month trip coming up soon to Asia and am currently planning 2 other holidays before / after that.  So the travel collection really speaks to me… EC Watercolor World Notebook

I sort of just want everything in that range… It’s just beautiful.  I would absolutely love a wall print with this design for my wall!  Sigh, it’s just so beautiful…

I’m not affiliated with Erin Condren in any way and wasn’t paid or asked to do this post… I’m just really excited for the new planners and wanted to share what I would love to try from the collection!  If you are interested in placing your first order, however, I do have a discount link for you.  Visit Erin Condren by clicking here and you’ll be able to get $10 off (the code will be emailed to you once you’ve registered your account).

Disclaimer: All photos in this post belong to Erin Condren and have been used from their website directly as I have yet to get my hands on one of these beautiful new products!

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  1. Anna Liza Razon says:

    I love anything florals cover. I don’t have erin condren planner but i do have recollections spiral planner which is somehow similar to it, right?!

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