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This blog post is about something pretty special – a challenge dedicated to writing letters and bringing back the handwritten form of communication.  In fact, it’s a whole month dedicated to writing letters and oddly enough is referred to as – wait for it – National Letterwriting Month! (Funny that, eh?).  You might remember but I spoke about how writing letters was something I really enjoyed doing before so it’s really no surprise that I love the idea of a letterwriting month!  The Write On challenges you to write a letter daily for the whole month – that’s 30 letters in 30 days!

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The challenge itself is run by Egg Press and Hello!Lucky and supported by many other companies and partners.  I think most of the companies involved are US based so it would be amazing for UK based companies  and participants to get involved.  And this is why I have decided to share this with you today – I really want to encourage more people, like myself, to write more letters – and hopefully get more people writing here in the UK.

Write OnThese letters don’t have to be long. They don’t have to be written on beautiful paper, with beautiful handwriting and beautiful coloured pens. They just need to be written, they just need to be sincere. Imagine the recipient’s smile on the other side and write.

So without further ado, I present you with 30* ideas of letters that you could write or who you could write a letter to. (* Bonus ideas at the end are my personal favourites)

Write a letter to…

  1. Someone in your family
  2. Someone you love
  3. Your best friend
  4. A stranger (leave the letter on a bus or in public space – or give it to someone you walk past)
  5. Someone you used to work with
  6. Someone who inspires you
  7. Someone who has helped you in the past
  8. Someone famous
  9. Someone you miss dearly
  10. A company or sales assistant that gave you great customer service
  11. Someone you live with – or used to live with
  12. A company or brand that you love
  13. A charity that you support
  14. Someone in your friendship circle
  15. An old  friend that you have lost touch with
  16. Someone who might be going through a rough time
  17. Someone who might be stressed with something that’s coming up (i.e. wedding, job changes, buying a house, exams)
  18. Your children (or future children)
  19. Someone famous / a celebrity that you admire
  20. Someone you went to school with
  21. A teacher that helped you
  22. Someone who changed your life, whether they know it or not
  23. Your neighbour
  24. Someone you’re grateful to have in your life (a thank you letter)
  25. Someone who lives in a different country
  26. Someone who you normally email (or text)
  27. Someone who you met because of the Internet (i.e. because of Social media)
  28. Your local MP
  29. A campaigner or celebrity fighting for a cause that you support
  30. A distant relative you haven’t spoken to or met in a while

Bonus letter ideas that might be harder to write…

  1. Write a letter of apology for a mistake you’ve made
  2. Write the letter you wish you wrote before
  3. Write a letter of forgiveness for something you’re holding onto
  4. Write a letter of support for a campaign, petition or against something you oppose for the sake of humanity
  5. Write a letter to no one
  6. Your future self – what would you like to say to yourself in a year’s time? Or five? Or ten?
  7. Your past self – what would you say to your younger self if you could? This is your life advice, maybe something to remember when times are tough.

Write On 2So here you have it, my list of suggestions for you – if you get stuck and think there’s no one to write to! Since we are already halfway through the month, it might be hard to write all 30 letters now but if you write even one more than you normally would, then I would consider this blog post and this challenge a success.

Please do let me know if you do write a letter – I would love to hear from you! Comment below and let me know! It doesn’t have to be on beautiful letter paper or a greetings card or a postcard – it can literally be on a tissue paper (preferably unused…) or something near you! Be different, be creative.

Now I’m off to write one myself…!

Note: I have no affiliation with the Write On challenge. It’s just a challenge that I thought sounded amazing and it should be spread around. Cause good things should be shared. But anyway, find out more at their website.

If you liked this list then you should also check out the resources section that Write On have over on their website. There’s links to other campaigns and projects that you might want to write to.

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