National Stationery Week – World Stationery Day ft. Kikki.K

NSW 2013 with date and website and partners (no website)World Stationery Day… An international day of Stationery!  I cannot wait to see what everyone gets up to today or talks about, there’s so many different ideas and concepts.  I actually had a bunch of different ideas, including showcasing some of the stationery goodies that I have brought on my travels across the world.  However, there was a little too much for one post so I decided I’ll share it in multiple posts at another time.  For today, I wanted to take a moment to talk about an amazing company that I adore.  One with a fantastic international presence – so perfect for the the ‘world’ part of this – and amazing customer service.  I was fortunate enough to go to an event on Monday night (if you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about here) at the stores and meet the founder of the company!

Kikki.K - Kristina Karlsson
Meeting Kristina Karlsson, founder of Kikki.K in the London store

That store is Kikki.K and the founder, Kristina Karlsson, is a beautiful lovely – and incredibly talented – lady.  Her vision to introduce beautiful items that can help organise our lives has really made me fall in love pretty much everything in store.  (One day, I’ll win the lottery and actually get to own it all!  One day…).  The Kikki.K head office is based in Australia but they’ve opened up stores all across the Globe.  Recently (towards the end of last year), they opened up two stores in London and they’ve been packed ever since!  I don’t think I’ve ever visited and found it empty…  It’s just always buzzing and the friendly staff make it a pleasure to shop there (they really are all incredibly friendly people!).  Because Kikki.K is now in the UK, you can also order direct from their website (make sure you have “UK” selected in the country’s bit on the top bar) and you won’t get charged for Customs, even though the items ship from Singapore/Australia.  The items also arrive really fast and I think my orders have all been with me within a week of ordering it.

Kikki K - Note from Kristina
Kristina kindly signed a Kikki.K card for me – that I plan to turn into a dashboard

I absolutely love the international feel of the brand.  It makes it very different to other stationery stores here in the UK and allows you to sample a whole new world.  Having grown up in Sweden, Kristina says that she’s tried to encapsulate the Swedish design in her stationery – and even homeware products now!  (I’ve never been to Sweden but I believe her haha). So it’s very common to see Swedish words on the website, in store or on projects – which I love – and you’ll quickly learn that the word “Hej” means hello!

Kikki.K - Thank You cardEvery so often, they have a “meet the founder” evening in their store in Covent Garden.  This is a great opportunity for you to meet the woman behind the idea, the one who put in all of the hard work to make this idea a business – and a very successful one at that.  If you sign up to their emails, you should get an email when they plan to do this!  On Monday, they held one that I was fortunate enough to go to.  I actually also got a card in the post inviting me to the event from Kikki.K – what did I say about fantastic customer service?!  I think the card went out to all of their loyal customers so if you’ve shopped with them a few times before then you hopefully got one too!  I thought it was an incredible gesture of them to send handwritten cards to customers – definitely made me fall in love with the company a little more after they put that much thought and effort into the invitations!

Kikki.K - Kristina Karlsson & everyoneI had so much fun at the event, meeting Kristina and all of the friendly staff members.  (Special shoutouts to Joey and Travis, who are both fantastic!)  I also got to meet a few lovely ladies that I know from the planner community on Facebook (if you’re not on it then get on it!  There’s tons of amazing groups to get involved in, whether it’s for a specific country or a general one, there’s tons!).

Not only do you get to engage with the founder of the company, fellow planner addicts and stationery lovers, you also get 20% off store wide during the duration of the event and the first 50 people who purchased something received a free goodie bag with their purchase!   Kikki K - Dala HorseThis time, they have out these really sweet Dala Horse (or Dalahäst as it is called in Swedish) that people paint.  I haven’t decided how to paint mine yet but I think that would be a really fun thing to do so I’m definitely considering it (even though I’m not sure I can brave myself to take the risk with it as it’s so beautiful as it is!).  Didn’t I say it’s worth going to one of these?  I’m not sure if they’ll have another one or do the offer again but this is the second one they’ve done since they opened last year and they list all of the perks in the email so you can find out exactly what offer they have before you go!

I fell madly in love with my Kikki.K planners so quickly that I never got around to doing a proper review of any of them but I’ll have to do one for you soon so you can see the differences between these planners and some other brands.  However, I can currently see 9 Kikki K planners on my desk/ shelf, from where I am sitting typing this post.  If that doesn’t give you a clue as to how much I love them, I don’t know what will!  (For reference point, not all of my planners are on my desk right now so that’s not the entire count and I definitely have a few more dotted around!).  I feature a few of them on my Instagram and have selected a few of pictures that I love to share with you:

If you’re new to planning or haven’t started then check out yesterday’s post for Get Organised Day, where I share some ideas for what you might need to track down to help get you organised, keep you organised or improve your organisation skills!

I’m not affiliated or anything to Kikki.K (though I would happily work for them, if I had the chance to do so!).  I just wanted to do this post as a little thank you to them for their amazing worldwide service and stationery.  I thought it would be a great brand to talk about for World Stationery Day.  So thank you, Kristina for being so fabulous and creating a brand that’s really revolutionised the planning world.  You’re amazing.

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