National Stationery Week 2016

As a Stationery Blogger, there’s nothing really more exciting than this week – National Stationery Week (#NatStatWeek) – and the best part is that this week is finally upon us.   That is 7 days of stationery, each day has its own theme and it’s perfect for anyone to get involved in.  I love how active the hashtag #NatStatWeek gets this week – in particular on Twitter.  It’s a perfect combination of digital and analogue – mixing my favourite thing in each area: Social Media with Stationery.  One is my profession and the other is my passion – it’s a pretty perfect combination for me.

And whilst I say “National” (meaning here in the UK), there is actually something for everyone to celebrate, no matter where you are in the world and that’s World Stationery Day on Wednesday!

To celebrate the week, I’ll be doing a week long series of daily posts – yes that’s right, daily.  Me.  The “one post a week when I feel like it girl”.  Even though I recently decided to relaunch with the aim of doing one post every Saturday, I thought it was only fitting to dedicate a short post every day to talk about these 7 themes of Stationery…

NSW 7 Days of Sationery - 1.jpg

As the week goes on, these will (hopefully) become hyperlinks to posts.  You know, if things go to plan, that is.

On Twitter or Instagram?  Lets be Social Media friends!  I’ll be engaging throughout the week and talking all about Stationery during that time – as well as sharing some great items and goodies I have for you all.

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