And I’m back – in time for National Stationery Week

Hello! As you may know, I took a “short” hiatus from blogging to focus on my health.  Daily life stresses were mounting up and getting to me.  Unfortunately, the hiatus was longer than I had originally hoped but I just kept constantly getting ill!  I’ve now caught some sort of chest infection and just finished a course of antibiotics – which aren’t working but hey, at least we might be getting closer to fixing the problem?  Hopefully?
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Nonetheless, I really missed blogging and so, I’ve decided to reopen my blog.  There’s so much to share with you and I have tons of ideas or plans put into place for the coming year.  The timing is also right as it’s almost National Stationery Week!  It’s a week that’s dedicated to stationery and using it!  This year, the week takes place from the 25th April to 1st May 2016 – watch out for all of the amazing giveaways and blog posts that appear during the week!

I absolutely love this week, not only because it’s fuels my stationery addiction but also because it encourages others to get involved and pick up a pen too.  Do you know how many children have never written a letter in their life?  It’s shocking to think people are so addicted to technology that they have forgotten the value of a handwritten letter or card.  I read a news article from Express towards the end of last year that said:

HALF of British teenagers have never written a letter, addressed an envelope or bought a stamp, a new survey has found.

Instead of handwriting a love letter or a thank you note, today’s 13 to 19-year-olds send a quick text message.

More than a quarter of them (26 per cent) do not even sign and send birthday and Christmas cards.

addict badge artworkI cannot believe those statistics… HALF of the teenagers in this country have never written a letter or even brought a stamp – do they even know where their nearest Post Office is or even where the Post Box is?!  And more than a quarter of children do not even sign or send a card on their friend’s birthday or at Christmas.  I remember my days at school (Wow, that makes me sound really old, doesn’t it?), it was so common to end up with tons of Christmas cards the week school was going to break up for the holiday.  In fact, I still have many of the cards that my closest friends gave to me when I was a 13 year old girl…  so I find it bizarre that such a high percentage don’t send cards anymore.

It makes sense, texting and Social Media have made it much easier to communicate with someone.  But nothing beats that special feeling of getting postal mail or reading through the old letters and cards you’ve received.  I currently have a smile on my face just thinking about some of the recent letters or cards I’ve been given.

All of this really sums up why I love National Stationery Week so much – it’s perfect because it encourages others to write a letter, to pick up a pen and just write something, anything.  It was actually this week that encouraged me to start blogging about stationery and the way I use it in my daily life.

If you haven’t heard of National Stationery Week, be sure to check out my previous post on it or visit their website directly.

You can also read the rest of the Express article over here to see more about how technology is taking over (it’s a good read).

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