A Short Hiatus

Hi there!  As you may have noticed, I haven’t really stuck to my “one post a week” plan in the past month and I wanted to quickly explain a bit about why – as well as my upcoming plans.  Firstly, I would like to apologise for totally failing to post this month and not even updating you as to why!  It’s been a really hectic month (as you can imagine, with Christmas coming up) and unfortunately, I have been ill quite a bit because of this.  Work, family life, finance – everything is a bit more stressful right now.  And so, I decided just to allow myself not to blog for a bit so I can try to relax a bit and ease the stress.

I did hope to get a giveaway ready in time for Christmas but that’s clearly not going to happen!  However, instead, I have decided to go on an official hiatus for a little while so I can prepare for the New Year and spend time relaxing this Christmas.  My plan is to also plan the giveaways and get things set up ready for 2016, so that I can come back to blogging with some great things!  I have a lot of things I want to do and thus, need some time out to get working on them.

My plan for 2016 includes (but is not limited to):

  • Setting up a bunch of giveaways to include some of my favourite items.
  • Creating printables that I can share with you for your planners.
  • A new website look, making it easier to access information.
  • A new series involving stationery, planning & craft businesses.
  • A new series about travel.
  • Lots more reviews!
  • Lots more planners and new planner set ups!

But mostly, I really want to hear from YOU!  I would love to know what you’re interested in reading about, what you want to see on here and what would be useful to you.  I am hoping to create things for you to download and use so I would love some suggestions as to what you might be interested in / need.

Email me on hello@aumsome.co.uk or comment below.  I’m also available on various forms of Social Media, if you prefer that – click the links in the top right corner to find those.

So, until later on in 2016, this is Reema – over and out! 🙂


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