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CheekyBoo Haul (6)This haul is a bit overdue, as I purchased these items a little while ago!  However, these items from CheekyBoo are just so stinking cute that I couldn’t bring myself to use them and ruin their beauty.  I’ve finally managed to get around to opening them up & testing them out and thus, can now review the items and let you know what I think.

The order arrived really quickly and more importantly, it arrived in super cute packaging!  The items inside were wrapped so nicely too that it was more like opening a present than an order.  I really love when companies take a few moments to make your order a little bit more special.  The thought and extra time they put into wrapping your items nicely shows how much they value your order, in my opinion.  CheekyBoo wrapped the items I ordered in really cute and pretty tissue paper, using some washi tape to seal it up.  Without much further ado, let us get into the items that I purchased.  These might just include perfect presents for Christmas!

CheekyBoo Haul (4)

These two books were the main things that I wanted to get my hands on…

CheekyBoo Positive Thoughts Unicorn Colouring BookFirst up, I had to get one of their colouring books.  I chose the Positive Thoughts colouring book, which contains 12 different illustrations (though, for some reason, the back of the colouring book says that it contains 10…).  Each page is single sided, which works really well as it allows you the option of using mediums that might bleed through the page.  For example, as the paper is thin, marker pens would bleed through it and definitely show through on the other side.  As there’s no image on the back, it’s not a huge problem even if it does.  I would recommend that if you use that sort of medium then put something between the pages before you colour so that it doesn’t go onto the next page.  If you prefer to use colouring pencils, however, then this is not an issue.  I love that each page is completely focused on the positive and motivational quotes and it is these that you colour in, rather than random images.  Colouring books have become really popular recently and this one is a personal favourite of mine.  The book is printed and made in the UK with a stitched binding that gives it a really nice handmade touch.  It’s just super cute and I really like the whole concept of the book.  If you are interested in seeing how I colour in these 12 amazing illustrations over the next few weeks then be sure to follow me on Instagram, where I will be sharing a picture of each page once I’ve completed it!

CheekyBoo Haul (2)The other item I purchased was a small notebook.  I actually purchased two of them, so that I could gift one of them to a friend of mine.  These notebooks have a map on the cover that make them perfect for travel ideas, which is what I use it for!  I jot down all of the places that I want to visit in this notebook, ticking them off as I go along.  The book contains plain pages of paper but they have a textured effect to them that is hard to capture in pictures.  I think the best description is that it is similar to linen textured paper.  As the page is quite smooth, I avoid using gel and fountain pens and opt to use my medium tip black Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen instead.  There has been no problem with the PITT pen but there was definitely a little bit of bleeding when I used the Sharpie fine pen so I would recommend avoiding that one too.

CheekyBoo Haul (5)I was also really happy to find these greeting cards in my order.  They were freebies that were included in my order so that I share my thoughts of them with you.  I love that each greeting card has more information about the illustrator at the back so that you find more cards by them if you wish to.  The Hello Sunshine card to the left has been illustrated by the same lady who created the Positive Thoughts colouring book – Emma Margaret.  Whilst the one to the right, which is called Aztec Rain, has been created by Emily Hamilton.  CheekyBoo has a huge selection of Greeting Cards and what I love about them is that each is handmade or designed by someone in the UK.  The cards are good quality, unique and have fun illustrations.  These two came with a kraft envelope that has a textured look to it, which I think is great.  Full of a truly unique selection, I’m sure CheekyBoo will find something you love!

Cheeky Boo - Blue Bird dish Cheeky Boo - Fox CushionCheekyBoo is full of a really unique selection of handmade goods.  Each item is hand picked by Rebecca, the owner of CheekyBoo.  I choose to purchase some of the stationery items available from this shop but there are tons of other items there too…  Necklaces, brooches, bags, even cushions!  Whether you are looking for jewellery, homeware or stationery, I highly recommend that you have a look and see if there’s anything you fancy!  Personally, I keep looking at getting this ornamental dish or this sitting fox cushion as well.  Check out CheekyBoo if you are interested in anything you have seen here – I think you might find a great unique present or two!

Disclaimer: I purchased the Colouring Book & 2 of the travel Notebooks with my own money. However, I was given the two Greeting Cards for free with my order and so, wanted to share what I thought of those too. Check out the CheekyBoo website for more information about their products or to purchase any of them.

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