Unboxing of the Filofax Gold Saffiano

Saffiano Personal Gold FilofaxFilofax released their special edition Gold Saffiano earlier this month.  I had it on pre-order and so, it arrived at the start of October but sadly, I haven’t had enough time to set it up yet so I thought I would get started today with an unboxing.  I purchased the Personal sized Filofax from Speedy Hen to set up as my first Christmas Planner (so I should definitely get started on this soon!).  The Gold Saffiano has a classic leather-look cross grain effect, which I think is great because you get the leather effect but it’s not made of real leather and that’s perfect for me.  The Gold is such a beautiful colour and it really reminds me of Christmas, so I’m very excited about this planner right now!  Surprisingly, this is actually my first Filofax so I’m super excited to get to the unboxing and see what’s inside!

Filofax Gold Saffiano Personal Organiser (1)The Filofax came neatly packaged in this small cardboard box, wrapped carefully inside it so the rings came in perfect condition.  The box was actually packed in a bigger box, filled with a lot of bubble wrap so it definitely shouldn’t get damaged in posting, to say the very least.  As you can see from the sticker on the side of the box, the Filofax comes with a 2016 diary.  It’s actually a great sized box that I will be using to store my refills or extra dashboards, for example.

Filofax Gold Saffiano Personal Organiser (7)I absolutely love the bright metallic gold colour of the personal organiser.  It is hard to catch the colour in a photo but in person, it is truly beautiful.  I have never been one to like gold and have always preferred silver… until recently.  I utterly love this the beautiful shade that this planner comes in.  It matches my gold Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge perfectly, as well as the gold glitter washi tape that I love.  It comes with a protective sleeve wrapped fully around the planner.  Inside, there is a tan coloured polyester material.  The pen holder is made of this material, which you can see just under the strap in the image.  The planner is a little bit reflective thanks to the metallic finish it has.  It screams out Christmas to me and I’m quite excited to start creating dashboards or inserts to go along with it.

Filofax Gold Saffiano Personal Organiser (14)The Filofax logo sits on the bottom of the spine of the planner.  It has a beautiful embossed effect.  This is a feature on all of their planners but I love how subtle and delicate it looks on the metallic gold.  That extra bit of detail really adds a touch of something special to the Filofax planners, I think.  The branding is also imprinted on the inside cover, which looks fantastic.  The planner says “Filofax Saffiano” as well as “Personal Organiser”.  There are three card slots and a pocket slot on the left hand side of the inside cover.  As you can see, there’s packaging around the rings and around the inserts to keep them together. Filofax Gold Saffiano Personal Organiser (18) As this is my first Filofax, I was not sure what inserts it would come with and I’ll be honest, I am pleasantly surprised.  There’s a plastic filofax insert that you could definitely use as a dashboard, if you wanted to.  I love that you get 6 cream dividers that you can use for anything as they are just numbered 1 to 6.  The tabs on the dividers are laminated, which will help to protect them from bending or getting dirty so easily.  You also get a small section of different inserts, which I think is really nice.  It gives you the opportunity to sample a variety of papers before you decide what refills you want to buy.  There are a few sheets of To Do lists, addresses paper, a handful of white squared paper, white plain paper and a bunch of ruled paper that comes in four colours (white, blue, green and pink).  They also include a Filofax ruler that you can use as a page marker and an top loading envelope wallet.  The filofax comes with a 2016 diary, as I mentioned earlier.

Filofax Gold Saffiano Personal Organiser

I am a huge fan of these Filofax inserts.  This filofax came with a week on two pages diary.  I love that there’s 8 sections each week – one for each day and another at the start saying “This Week”.  The “This Week” section is an amazing addition that allows you to add any notes.  I would definitely use it to write goals for the week and an inspirational quote to help see me through it.  But you could also use it to track things, such as health & fitness things (like your weight or water intake) or list things that you want to buy or achieve that week.  It also contains a mini calendar of the month, as well as marking exactly which week the spread shows.  If you do Project Life weekly, then you might love that these inserts state the week number at the start of each week.  The inserts come in other languages too, like French.

Filofax Gold Saffiano Personal Organiser (44)Filofax Gold Saffiano Personal Organiser (45)The back cover also has a single notepad pocket.  It comes with a notepad of white ruled pages that have already been punched to go into the Filofax rings, if you need to add them.  It’s very easy to pull the notepad out and exchange it for another should you wish to do so or if you run out.

I absolutely love the look of this Filofax Saffiano.  The metallic gold is a beautiful colour and it is really perfect for Christmas.  If you are looking for a ringbinder type planner for Christmas this year, then I would highly recommend having a look at this organiser.  It comes in a variety of common sizes – Pocket, Personal, Compact and A5 size.  If you are hoping to carry it around then a Pocket or Compact might be the best size to get.  I chose a Personal sized planner as I prefer to keep mine at home but have the option of taking it with me occasionally, if I need to do so.

I pre-ordered my Filofax from Speedy Hen.  It is available for purchase now.  To find out more information about the Gold Saffiano, I recommend going directly to the Filofax website.  If you are interested in seeing how I set up the Christmas Planner, please let me know or if you have any suggestions then I would love to hear them!

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