3 month anniversary and update

I am super proud to announce that the Aumsome blog is 3 months old today. Of course, it is not big milestone or anything – and it is one that would pass by whether or not I was active in these months! However, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you and share a quick update. Aumsome 3 Month Anniversary

Let me start by saying thank you for making me feel so welcomed and supported in this journey that I have embarked on. In these three months, I have met some incredible people and had some great conversations. I have already noticed a difference in myself and I feel like I have began a journey where I am learning more and more on a daily basis. I have expanded my knowledge in Social Media already. I have had the opportunity to engage with brands and companies – some of which I never even knew about before but have now fallen madly in love with. I have had some great conversations about stationery in real life with friends that support me in this journey. But mostly, I am really thankful for getting the opportunity to meet a whole new community that is constantly giving, supporting and growing together.

Fellow bloggers are incredibly friendly and supportive of each other. And yes, there is probably some bitterness amongst a few of them but in general, and as a whole, everyone is so supportive (and I’m lucky enough not to have seen any bitterness myself!). As a new blogger, I joined twitter chats with a bit of uncertainty and hesitation. I can now say that I am madly in love with them – because everyone is seriously amazing. You are all so hugely welcoming and supportive that it makes me really glad to be a blogger. I often get asked, “Stationery Blogging? Is that a thing?” in real life and people always seemed very perplexed by the whole idea. However, the blogging community is completely accepting of my blog because it’s something that I want to write about. And if you want to write about something, then you should and you should do it even if everyone else thinks it’s a strange concept to write about. I absolutely love the lack of judgement I have received from the blogging community and my friends who have supported me in this journey.

So a huge thank you to my friends, the blogging community, the brands and all of you who have emailed, commented, encouraged me, inspired me, shared and read my posts… You are all amazing. I have absolutely loved every minute of this experience and am definitely planning on jumping fully in, putting more energy and passion into my blog than before.

So on that note, I have a few updates and announcements to make!

Facebook Logo - /AumsomeFirst up, I have a new Facebook Page! I’ll be sharing my latest posts on there, as well as any pictures or links to other blog posts I enjoy. It is also a good place to have a chat with me or leave me a comment, should you wish to! Hopefully you will also be able to engage with fellow stationery addicts, planners, crafters or bloggers over there! Be sure to “like” it to get involved with all of this!

Instagram Logo - @AumsomeBlogSecondly, I have a new Instagram account dedicated to this blog and my passion for Stationery, Planning & Crafts. Here you will see a lot of the hauls or items I am using / loving way before they reach my blog (if they ever do). It is a good place to see exactly what I am up to at that moment. (Hint: I have a feeling that this will become the most updated!). Please give it a follow to be the first to know!

Pinterest Logo - /AumsomeThirdly, I have now started to set up my Pinterest account! It’s quite new but will soon expand into multiple categories. My plan is to have several boards for stationery and planning (things I own / love, things I really want, blog posts by others that I enjoy, planner pages I love etc), as well as a few other boards to match other interests (including crafts and a lifestyle board too). This will take a little while but will definitely be growing as time goes on so please do give it a follow if you’re interested in seeing where it goes.


And finally, I am working hard to move the hosting of the aumsome.wordpress.com blog over to self-hosting over at www.aumsome.co.uk. In the coming months (realistically, it will probably take me a while to get the hang of the new system and get the layout set up the way I want it), I will be launching the new URL with a new look and a lot more features! Stay tuned. However, I do have a new email address attached to it that is already set up and ready for use. Email me at hello@aumsome.co.uk to get in touch!

Thank you everyone for a great three months and here’s to many more!

P.S. I am writing my first ever Guest Post and it will be coming out next week! Follow me over on twitter to be the first to know when it is published.

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