* Magnitone Lucid: The Unboxing & Initial Thoughts

I am super excited today for two reasons. The first is that this is the launch of my Lifestyle section and the first proper post under this section – which makes me really happy as that’s something I have wanted to dip in and out of, whilst still focusing on Stationery & Crafts. The second reason is because I have a product that I have wanted to try out for a while sitting in front of me. That product is the Magnitone Lucid cleansing brush* and I am hoping it will help me to clear up my skin (as it promises to do)! As it’s here, I thought I would do a little unboxing and some initial thoughts on the product and what I am hoping it will do for me so you can see what you get in the package.

DSC_1537The Magnitone Lucid is a facial cleansing & exfoliation brush that you can use daily. It promises of softer, clearer and brighter skin within 7 days. The Active Electromagnetic Technology sends quick vibrations into the skin and allows your cleanser to penetrate your skin better than washing it by hand would. It comes with two modes: Deep Clean & Sensitive and you have the choice of several different brush heads to suit your individual needs.

The brush comes in this great box that – not only looks great but also – slides opens easily but the items still look like they’ve been packed securely for postage. I absolutely love the bold and bright colours of the Lucid brush that made it really hard to pick which colour to go with. I ended up choosing the bright and dazzling blue but the brush is also available in a stunning hot pink, a sunshine yellow and also a gorgeous pastel mint. It’s pretty hard to pick one so if you’re planning on getting one then good luck with that choice!

DSC_1545As soon as I opened the box up, I noticed a European adapter for the plug. This was a very pleasant surprise! Magnitone has branded the product as an item you can travel with and this is a really nice touch that you get with the product. According to the website, each charge lasts for approximately 2-3 weeks so you may not even need to take the charger with you if you’re going for a short holiday. I am massively impressed by the additional adapter as I’ve recently come back from a backpacking trip around Italy so weight & space was a main concern for me. The brush is quite light and is compact too. The adapter also allows you to switch out the UK plug for the European one, so you don’t need to carry the additional adapter. For travelling, I definitely think this is a great item and am just gutted I didn’t get it before my trip!

DSC_1549It is possible to purchase different heads for the brush, depending on your skin. They come with the Active Clean brush, which is the one I’ll be testing out. However, there is also two other options available:  a Sensitive skin brush and a “Luxury” brush head. With my skin, I may have to switch to the one of the other brush heads and if I do, I will share my experience of both. For now, I will be testing out the Active Clean brush head that comes with the brush and see if this is suitable for my skin type.

In the box, I also found a welcome gift that thanks you for getting the item and this is a £5 voucher for additional replacement brush heads. Honestly, I don’t know if this offer is available to those brought in a limited time or if it is included in all of the packs but it was a great surprise to come across. To get the voucher, all you have to do is register for your free 12 month warranty (which you should do anyway, just in case something happens to it!) so it really is just an added bonus!

DSC_1543 - CopyMagnitone knew that some of us really would struggle to decide which colour to get and so, they created a mini quiz to help you decide! So if you’re anything like me, it might be useful for you! (Side note: According to the game, I should have gone with Sunshine Yellow – whoops)

The instructions booklet recommends that you charge the brush for 24 hours before its first use so I’ve put it on to charge now and will be giving it a go soon!

If, in the meantime, you want more information or to check out the product, please visit the Magnitone website. I’ve also got a 20% off discount code you all, if you’re looking to purchase the item. Just use the code: BLOVE20 to get 20% off your Lucid!

* Disclaimer: Magnitone sent me this product for free to try and review, during the #BHTWITTERPARTY on Twitter. This does not affect my opinion of it, however.

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