National Stationery Week 2015

addict badge artworkStationery has always been something that’s close to my heart. And I know that the world is full of Stationery Addicts (as well as a good number of people who simply just don’t get this addiction we have). However, what I did not know was that there is a week every year that is dedicated to celebrating all things stationery until I discovered it this year. I wanted to dedicated this post to that week that has inspired me to blog once again.

National Stationery Week ran from 27th April to 3rd May 2015 – and what a week it was. It has encouraged me to blog about Stationery, Planning and Crafting – or even just my life. It has motivated me to give my account a new look and start something – hopefully sticking to it, because we all know that that is something I struggle to do when time seems to be lacking. Because sadly whoever said that when times get busy, the things we love are the first to go was completely correct. However, let’s not get negative before I’ve even started this journey!

7 Days of StationeryThe week has 7 different themes – one for each day of the week. It encourages people to write – returning to the days of pen & paper or letter writing. Because let’s be honest now, receiving a handwritten letter these days are so rare. I love that the different themes can be applicable for anyone who loves Stationery to anyone who simply uses it to get things done. It also crosses another one of my loves: planning and getting organised. I never feel organised but I seem to always love tidying my room or reorganising things in my life. This helps clear my head and using a planner allows me to free up my mind for other thoughts – as I’m not busy thinking about what I need to do or having to remember when I have an event. The planner allows me to just look at it and see exactly where I need to be and when or what I need to do. And I love that this week includes a planner day.

I had an absolute blast engaging with people who are just as obsessed about Stationery as I am over Twitter during the week. I also entered competitions and got to take advantage of some discounts specifically for this occasion! It is definitely a good time for any sellers to get on board and run some competitions or discounts – as well as for buyers to get some great items! The #PenATweet Day inspired me to try my hand at some lettering, whilst the Diary Day has got me writing random rambles & thoughts in a notebook I actually ordered on Notebook Day.

NatStatWeek has certainly worked for me – making me write more than I did before – and I’m sure it has done for the same for many others.

Im a natstatweek bloggerBefore I end this, I wanted to give a special Shout Out to Amanda over at She’s Eclectic, who has definitely been someone that’s inspired me to get off my butt and to work on this Stationery Blog. If you’re into planners then she’s definitely a great person to check out, as she regularly shares her weekly pages and has a beautiful collection of Filofaxes!

My only hope going forward is that one day, ideally by next year, I will proudly be able to call myself a Stationery Blogger. I am definitely hoping to be able to upload this badge to my twitter profile. I’ve got from now until next Nat Stat Week 2016 – or perhaps even until the London Stationery Show, which I would also love to attend as a blogger / press.

Did you get involved in National Stationery Week? I’d love to hear what you did to celebrate this awesome week!

Be sure to check out National Stationery Week for more information.

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