From Me to You – The Big Letter Write

Throughout this blog, I’ve spoken a lot about mental health and the impact that it has on physical health, particularly for myself. However, it’s important to recognise that sometimes it’s the other way around. A physical illness not only affects your body, it can also affect your mental health and your emotions. Cancer is a very clear case of this. It has a strong impact on patients and their loved ones, affecting their mental health and causing a lot of stress. And that’s why, when I saw this website called “From Me to You“, I instantly thought it was brilliant.

From Me to You is an organisation that encourages you to pen a letter to someone with cancer. The idea of writing to someone that is going through an illness that I cannot truly understand is a little scary, to be honest. There’s always the question of: “Am I going to say something wrong?” or even something as basic as “How do I start this?” However, From Me to You addresses those fears by providing a lot of writing tips, which include ideas on what to say or what to avoid saying. Their helpful tips have helped me to put together this post for you today.

World Cancer Day

On World Cancer Day, on the 4th February (this Monday!!), From Me to You is encouraging everyone to join the Big Letter Write and to pen a letter to someone with cancer. There are two main ways to get involved. You can either reach out and write to someone you already know or you can choose to donate a letter to a stranger who could use a friend.

By signing up to donate a letter, I received a writing kit from them within a few days, which contains a variety of useful information. This kit takes a few days to arrive so you won’t receive it until after Monday but if you want to join, I’ve collated my favourite tips and some things that you could do to get involved before the pack arrives. So you can join the campaign and make a difference to someone’s life this World Cancer Day. Continue reading “From Me to You – The Big Letter Write”

Monthly Challenges – February’s InCoWriMo

I have spoken quite a bit about the goals that I want to achieve in the next year or two. This is something that I have been sending some of my free time working on. However, my list of goals are rather long and time has the ability to get away from me – especially when I get caught up in video games. With the bad health that I’ve been experiencing over the past few years too, I feel like I’m long overdue on a bit of self-care. What better way to start tackling my 30 before 30 list than with a bit of stationery self-care? And with InCoWriMo around the corner, what better time than now?

To help me motivate myself and keep me on track, I have decided to have a ‘focus’ for each month. This would be a theme that I focus on. January’s was very much ‘settling back in’ to reality, blogging and work. It has been a month of regaining focus on my goals and motivating myself for the coming year with a little bit of planning. Today, I thought I’d share February’s theme in the hopes that perhaps someone else will join me on this challenge. Together, we can stay a little more motivated to stick to it, after all.

February’s Challenge

February's Challenge

Now with February around the corner, it seemed like a perfect theme for the month was an upcoming challenge – InCoWriMo. Also known as International Correspondence Writing Month, the challenge is pretty much what the name suggest – writing to people. This works perfectly with my challenge of handwriting more letters or cards! The challenge itself encourages people to write a piece of correspondence – a letter, a card, a postcard or even just a note – every day for the whole of the month.

One of the things I love most about writing letters to people is the response I get from it. From my experience, it makes people smile and, even if it’s just for a moment, it makes them happy. It’s a pleasant surprise in this day and age of technology.

The challenge might have stopped last year as I haven’t seen any activity in a while. Hopefully I’m wrong and they are still very much running. Turns out that I was wrong and they just moved to a new website suddenly! So I’m thrilled to say that they are still alive and running. Nonetheless, the idea of the month is still something that I really like and I wanted to give a mention to them as I’ve been inspired to dedicate the month of February to trying to write more letters because of them. The idea itself works perfectly and it’s a great way to encourage more writing, which I really like.

Want to Write?

Feeling inspired by the concept, I want to extend this challenge to all of you reading this now. Why don’t you try to hand-write a message to someone this month? If it’s something you already do, then perhaps aim to write a bit more. If it’s something you never do, even one would be great! This could be any piece of correspondence you like.

Writing Challenges you could do:
  • A correspondence every day [28 by the end of the month]
  • Two or Three correspondences a week [8 to 12 by the end]
  • One correspondence a week [4 by the end]
  • Once in the whole month [1 by the end]
  • Write X letters to strangers
  • Write X letters to your loved ones
  • Come up with your own!

If you are feeling up for the challenge of doing a piece of correspondence every day for the whole month then be sure to check out InCoWriMo’s new website to find out more about their campaign.

My personal challenge will be to try and write two pieces of correspondence a week, at least half of which contain some sort of handmade element within them. By ‘handmade element’, this could be anything from a quick sketch to a designed by me card.

If you’re feeling inspired to give it a go, please do let me know! I’d love to hear from you and see what challenge you set yourself for the month. Leave a comment below, drop me a message on social media or email me and let me know what your challenge is!

Find out more about InCoWriMo at their website hereand fingers crossed that they return!  Huh, wow, fingers crossed worked! InCoWriMo 2019 is back over on a new website, which you can find here:

P.S. If you’re interested in any of the products that I featured in the photos I used in this post, be sure to follow my Instagram. These are likely ones I’ll be using over the month and will feature in more depth! (Or drop me a message and ask for details!)

STAMPtember 2018

It’s September. September, first, to be more precise. This can only mean one thing: it’s STAMPtember! One thing I absolutely adore doing is creating handmade cards using stamps – and Simon Says Stamp has been a huge inspiration to that passion. Sadly, I have not crafted as much as I would like in the past year. However, every time I feel the urge to do something, I always seem to reach for a stamp and some watercolour paper. It is definitely my go to craft! So I wanted to tell you a little about STAMPtember, in case you haven’t heard of it. Hopefully it will inspire you to give the art of papercrafting a go!

Simon Says Stamp STAMPtember Continue reading “STAMPtember 2018”

The National Stationery Week Bundle

Today is a super special day for me. I am currently standing in the London Stationery Show. It’s an amazing event that takes place annually. The show itself is organised by a fantastic team of stationery geeks, so it’s always a great day for a stationery blogger such as myself. Unfortunately, it’s a trade show – which means it’s not open to the general public. I’m honoured to be able to say that I was selected by the team to cover this fantastic event.

But fear not, there’s a way for everyone to get involved in today’s National Stationery Week theme! Jump online and check out #StationeryTheWorldOver on social media. Share pictures of stationery stores all over the world.

I’ll be sharing some thoughts from the London Stationery Show next week so watch out for that if you’re interested. However, today, I wanted to quickly share some fantastic products that I received from the team that organised this event. These products were generously sent by the sponsors of National Stationery Week. I’m incredibly humbled by the fact that I was one of the chosen bloggers to receive this bundle and wanted to share what was in it with you.

The National Stationery Week Bundle

The bundle contains:

  • An A5 journal from Nuco’s Spectrum range
  • A couple of Staedtler’s pigment liners
  • A T-Rex style highlighter from Mustard
  • An A4 storage folder from Santoro
  • A clipboard planner and pen from Santoro
  • A pencil case from Santoro
  • One of the Spectrum Noir metallic markers from Crafter’s Companion
  • A ballpoint pen and pouch from Cross
  • And it all came in a box from G.F. Smith, who included the colour of the year envelope and information.

I can’t wait to use all of these products in more depth. Throughout the week, I’ll drop pictures of them in use once I get around to testing them. I have already started using a few products, however, which I’m super excited about. Those metallic markers, for example, jumped out at me. Although my lettering is not the best, I felt compelled to try them out. As a result, I ended up creating the ‘National Stationery Week’ sign above. The colours are so beautiful in real life. The camera fails to capture it’s beauty, in my opinion. I love Crafter’s Companion and have a number of their products. However, I haven’t had the chance to try out some of their newer ones so receiving this really made my day. There’s a few other products that I really want to try out!

Once I get a chance, I’ll test out all of the products and share my favourites with you. If there’s anything you would like to see in more depth, let me know and I’ll whip up a review for you.

Until next time, why don’t you check out my Twitter or Instagram page? I’ll be sharing pictures and thoughts on there throughout the day – and the rest of the week – from the show and the week itself.

National Stationery Week 2018

For various reasons that I won’t bore you with now, I had to take a hiatus from the blog and writing. Today, I’m back with a quick post to share something I love dearly. It is, perhaps, my favourite week in the entire year. Probably even more so than Christmas. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to enjoy seven days of stationery. Yes, that’s right, seven whole days. Because tomorrow, National Stationery Week starts. Or NatStatWeek, for short.

If you haven’t heard of it already, NatStatWeek celebrates all things stationery. It’s a whole week dedicated to everything from a blank of piece of paper to ink splatters all over the page. A week that encourages people to write things by hand – because writing matters. It’s a topic I’ve spoken a lot about already so I won’t go into details about that now.

What I did, however, want to share with you was what you should look forward to this year. As usual, there is a daily theme. Each theme is sponsored and supported by a different company. I’m super thrilled to be able to say that I was selected by the team to blog about this fantastic week.

This year’s themes are:

Monday 23rd – Make A Note   [#makeanote by NUCO]
Tuesday 24th – Pen and Pencil   [#penandpencil by STAEDTLER]
Wednesday 25th – Stationery the World over   [#stationerytheworldover by LONDON STATIONERY SHOW]
Thursday 26th – Work Happy   [#workhappy by MUSTARD]
Friday 27th – A Place for Everything   [#aplaceforeverything by SANTORO]
Saturday 28th – Get Crafty   [#getcrafty by CRAFTER’S COMPANION]
Sunday 29th – Signature Saturday   [#signaturesaturday by CROSS]

There’s a few days that I’m rather excited for. Well, I’m excited for all of them but perhaps more so for some! Do any of them stand out for you?

Personally, I just can’t wait to follow the hashtags through social media on each day and see what comes up!

For the Love of Stationery…

If you’re a fan of stationery then make sure you get involved. I highly suggest keeping an eye out for discount codes and giveaways too – there’s always some around. Your favourite stationery stores may be getting involved too.

Throughout the week, be sure to watch the main hashtags too. #NatStatWeek and #WritingMatters are the two to keep your eye on.

Let me leave you with this, the aims of National Stationery Week – as quoted directly from their website:

To get stationery lovers talking about and sharing details of their stationery and what they use it for, plus the products, brands and retailers they like and can recommend

To promote the importance of hand writing and encourage people to keep writing

And to get more people spelling stationery with an “E”!

That last one is definitely my favourite. Remember, it’s “E” for Envelope!

That’s all from me for today. I’ll see you tomorrow. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram to what I get up to! I took a hiatus from those two, as well but I’ll be back tomorrow with things to share there too.

To find out more about the week, visit or follow them on social media.