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Halloween Stationery

We’re halfway through October, which can only mean one thing – it’s almost time for Halloween.  Dressing up as a child was a lot of fun.  We would go “trick or treat”-ing and ended up with buckets of sweets…  All of the kids on the street dressed up in “scary” outfits.  My go to Halloween costumes as a child was always a ghost or a witch.  Let’s be fair, both of them were very easy to do.  The ghost requires a white bed sheet and come cut out holes.  Whilst the witch could be done with a witch’s hat, a bin liner (with some holes) and a broomstick.  I definitely didn’t spend too much time or effort on dressing up but it was still a lot of fun.

Sadly, children don’t seem to celebrate the day anymore in my area.  But even adults need a little bit of the Halloween spirit in their lives.  So I thought I would share a few bits and bobs of Halloween stationery that I’m loving this year!  Personally, I’m a big fan of supporting small businesses – especially handmade and crafty ones.  So I scoured Etsy for a few things that stood out to me.

Now stickers are probably my favourite thing to stock up on.  I have far too many but still always want some more!  They are great to use in journals, memory keeping, planners, cardmaking or scrapbooking to list a few.  So I thought they would be the perfect place to start.  Here’s a few Halloween themed stickers that jumped out at me (pun intended)!

Please note: If you buy any of these products, double check how long the store will take to make and send you the items!  They may not arrive before Halloween, depending on your location and how long it takes for them to make it.  Please check individual stores before ordering if you want it to arrive on time!

Countdown and Character Stickers

I love stickers that have little characters or doodles in them, which you can use for anything.  They work in a planner, a calendar, in a scrapbook or journal, in cards and tags and pretty much anywhere else…

Stickers from Planning with C (click for left) and Molly Creations (click for right)

There isn’t much time left to count down to Halloween but if you haven’t got your stickers yet then grab one of these cute countdown stickers!  The left one is from Planning with C and the right one is from Molly Creations.  You could also use them to count down to a themed fancy dress party if you don’t use them for Halloween!

Stickers from Chocho and Mimi ( click for left  |  click for right )

Above are two sticker sheets available from Chocho and Mimi, which is one of my go to Etsy stores for planner stickers.  They have some beautiful products – I love the sticker quality of these and how cute the designs are.  I mean, look at that little ghost panda or the Harry Potter panda!  How cute are those?!

Stickers from La Petite Paula Shop (click here)

How adorable are these Halloween Chibis from La Petite Paula Shop?  What’s even better about them is that you can change the skin tone and hair colour! I opt for the girl called “Maira”, which has brown skin and dark brown hair but there’s plenty of choice.

Stickers from Ellen Bee Makes ( click for left  |  click for right )

Who would have thought that there could be something adorable about zombies?  The concept of zombies is definitely scary but these stickers from Ellen Bee Makes are incredibly cute.  I love that the ghosts have blushed cheeks and fun little outfits or expressions.

Large Character Stickers

I think larger stickers are a little hard to find.  I always struggle to find ones that will fill a larger section of blank space so it felt like this needed a separate category – because they are awesome.

Stickers from Tsu Store (click here)

I really love the people stickers that Tsu Store offers!  These are great for art journals or decorating your planner, for example.  You can purchase large or small versions of these stickers – making it so versatile!  I can already picture using the large ones to make some gift tags to go around bags of sweets.  So cute!

Planner Kits

I love decorating my planner with stickers.  There’s some really great layouts you can do with a few stickers so here’s a few different types of sticker kits that I like the look of.  They’ll work for various types of planners from Happy Planners / Erin Condren style planners to Personal sized planners. You’ll have to double check the individual store information to see which ones will work for your planner.

Stickers from Happy Cutie Studio (click here)

If you’re after a large set of stickers that are super cute this Halloween then Happy Cutie Studio has got you covered.  I adore how cute the little ghosts and the bats are!  You’ll get six sticker sheets with this one, perfect to fully cover your planner in stickers.

Stickers from Molly Creations (click here)

Look at the colours on these sticker sheets from Molly Creations Co!!  They aren’t dark and spooky like Halloween typical is.  They are very bright and very fun but I absolutely love them.  Such a unique brightness to the colours adds a little something special, I think.  They are certainly unique and I love the little ice cream and cupcake icons too!  Different, in a great way!

Stickers from Plannerface (click here)

This sticker kit from Plannerface will fill your page with lots of glittery stickers in perfect Halloween colours!  I really love the ombre stickers and how beautiful all of the colours go in this kit.  They’d go very well accompanied with some of the fun characters that a few of the other stores offer, I think.

Stickers from Anything Elsie (click here)

All three sticker sheets come together in this little kit from Anything Elsie.  They come in traditional Halloween colours and sport a little darker mood, which you may prefer.  I wanted to highlight the third sheet (pictured right) because that is my favourite sheet.  I love how there’s so many normal activities – such as doing laundry or cleaning – themed so well for this Halloween kit.  So your normal activity stickers will go well with the others too!  However, I really love that “lazy day”, “movie night” and “series binge” stickers.  They remind me of a friend, who wants to have a lazy day and watch lots of TV – and a horror film – with me.  So perfect!


All of the photos are owned and credited to the respective store owners.  This post also includes affiliate links.  This means I’ll get a small amount of money if you chose to purchase any of the these products using my links.  It will not cost you anything and helps to keep the site running and fund giveaways!  If you do purchase anything listed on the page using my link, thank you so much for helping to keep the blog alive!  I’ve picked a few products that look good but I haven’t tried them all out in person.  These are just a few of the ones that stood out to me, that I wanted to buy!

Please make sure they will arrive on time, if you want them before Halloween!!  You can find this information in the individual shops or by contacting the owner.  Thank you.

Halloween stickers

Stationery Self-Care

Self-care is a topic that I preach all the time. It’s so important for your wellbeing to make time for yourself. However, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve neglected my own self-care in the past few months. I have spent most of my time wallowing in self-pity, for sure, at the problems I was going through. My self-care game has been pretty lacking. In all honesty, I actually only noticed this because a friend made me promise him to look after myself when he’s not around. And on reflection, I realised that he may be onto something… So, in order to keep this promise, I’ve decided to make the rest of September the time where I try to reinforce the habit. And stationery makes me happy… Thus, Stationery Self-Care!

Since stationery makes me happy (I’m an addict, okay?!), a lot of my self-care ideas actually revolve around it. There’s plenty of ideas that don’t involve stationery but… eh! I thought it might be nice to create a list of stationery related self-care ideas that I can practice in the next few weeks. I figured, if I list them all now then I can use it as inspiration on the lethargic days. Since this is a long term game, I’ll definitely be putting non-stationery self-care on the list afterwards too. For now, this is a fun way to get started!

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Halloween stickers

Stationery Sales: Back to School Offers

I can’t believe it’s September already, it’s come around so fast.  This time of the year marks the new academic year.  I’m glad I’m no longer in education but there was always one thing that was good about this time: back to school sales!  Though, in reality, even if you’re not going back into education that shouldn’t stop you from grabbing a bargain or two.  So without further ado, I wanted to share some back to education sales that I would recommend you look at!

WH Smith

This is perhaps one of my favourite sales at the moment.  There’s so many products on sale.  Their back to school section has categories!  Each category has a bunch of items in it, so there’s plenty of choice.  In fact, you’re probably spoilt for choice.  I know I certainly can’t pick just 1-2 products to feature because I want so many of them.  What I love is that this sale caters for everyone.  Whether you have a child returning to school or you’re studying at university, there’s something you will need here.  There’s a range of books or revision guides for various years.  There’s art supplies or calculators or USB devices.  I’m not studying and there’s tons of things that I want.

I’m currently eyeing up the art supplies, to be honest as there’s a few that might need restocking in my cupboards.  There’s also a number of fountain pens on sale that I’m so tempted to grab up!

Head on over to WH Smith’s website to see their sale!


There’s a “better than half price” offer on some stationery essentials this year.  You can pick everything from a notepad to highlighters.  Sadly, there isn’t a lot in this range but they do have sales on other products throughout the website too.  So it’s definitely worth having a look to see if there’s any essentials you need refilling on.  My personal favourite choice is the Staedtlet Triplus Colour & Fineliner pack.  You get 10 of the “Colour” pens with fibre tip nibs and 10 “Fineliner” pens.  Same colours but different nibs.  I have the full packs of both the Fibre Tip Pens and the Fineliners, which offers 20 colours in each range.  However, I love that this pack offers you the basic range of colours in both sets for a great price!  If you’re unlikely to use all 20 colours in each set, this one gives you 10 of each, which I like.  Having both sets of nibs definitely came in handy when I was making notes during my school years.  Coloured notes were much easier to read!

Without further ado, check out Ryman’s website to visit their sale section.


Paperchase opted for a slightly different tactic.  They chose to go for a 3 for 2 sale on various school essentials.  Now you have to do a little bit of maths to figure out which is the best value for money.  However, if you’re planning to restock on a few items, this could work out better for you!  There’s a lot of basic items that could be useful – from pens to plastic wallets.  I quite liked their Black Plastic Multi List Book, which has several different lists, a clipboard style holder and sticky tabs.  You can use it to help you get organised or make notes!

Check out the Paperchase website to see more!

P.S. If you’re local to the Paperchase flagship store in London, check out the sale aisles.  It’s fantastic.  I always manage to pick up some goodies there!

London Graphics Centre

If you’re into arts, crafts or anything design related – whether it’s for your degree or for fun – the London Graphics Centre has you covered.  I love this store, it’s pretty much like my dream workshop.  This store has everything from basic notepads to technical design equipment.  It’s perfect for the beginner, through to graduation.

I highly recommend you check the website out (or visit them in person!) and see if there’s anything you might need.  The sale section isn’t huge but there’s a number of items that you can easily find here, which might be a bit harder to find elsewhere.  You can also get 15% off if you’re a student so definitely take advantage of that deal, nonetheless!

Moving to university?  Living with housemates?  Have you got your House Rules?

The House Rules by Francesca LeungIf you’re moving to university for the first time, you have new housemates or you need to establish some new “house rules”, check this brilliant book out.  I absolutely love this book, which features everything about house chores to how you like your coffee.  It’s full of great content, as well as creative illustrations.  You can pick up a copy on Amazon, as well as a few stores around the country.  Have a look on amazon to “look inside” the book and get an idea about – or let me know if you want to see a proper review of it.

The best part about getting the above book is that you help get one of my friends recognised.  The author is a friend of mine and she’s absolutely brilliant.  She’s worked so hard on this and it’s a great achievement.  I love my copy so please help out a new author and pick up your copy too!

Are there any stationery sales you’ve seen that need to be featured?  Comment below  and let me know!  I know I definitely need to take advantage of these back to school sales!

Halloween stickers

* Kaweco Perkeo Fountain pen: Bad Taste

Kaweco Perkeo Bad Taste

Kaweco is a brand that is very close to my heart, if I’m honest.  I have a few of their fountain pens and I love every single one of them.  In fact, I would love several more!  However, they recently came out with a brand new range called the Perkeo.  This range is quite a bit different to their typical style of pens.  So when Pocket Notebooks offered me the chance to review it, I naturally had to give it a test and see if it met my usual expectation from them.  Today, we’re looking at the Kaweco Perkeo “Bad Taste” fountain pen!

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Halloween stickers

World Calligraphy Day

World Calligraphy Day 2017
Calligraphy has definitely gained a lot more popularity in recent years – and it’s very much deserved. Scroll through social media, and you’ll find thousands of beautifully addressed letters, handmade cards or motivational quotes. Whether it’s simply to improve your day to day handwriting or to produce incredible typography, penmenship has become a trend that people strive to improve in. It’s growing in popularity daily. So, it’s great to hear that the very first World Calligraphy Day is being held today, on the 16th August 2017. This day has been founded by Manuscript Pen Company, who’ve been at the forefront of the pen manufacturing industry since 1856.

“We are thrilled to be making this announcement as the founders of this very special day. Calligraphy and hand lettering are at the heart of what we do here at Manuscript. In recent years, the art of beautiful writing has taken to new heights with the trends of Modern Calligraphy, Faux Calligraphy and Hand Lettering. These new trends have really taken off, encouraging everybody to try their hand at a whole variety of wonderful creative ventures.” Charles Stockbridge, Managing Director of Manuscript Pen Company Ltd.

Get involved

I’m a total beginner when it comes to calligraphy. I would love to be better at it.  However, a lack of practice thus far in life has prevented this from happening. My plan is to practice today so I can hopefully pick up a trick or two. There’s plenty of ways for you to get involved too and give it a go! Whether you’re a beginner or a world renowned calligrapher, there’s always a way to get involved.

If you’re based near Birmingham, there’s a fantastic event happening at the Pen Museum, hosted by Manuscript Pen Company who have brought together several amazing artists. It looks like it will be a great day full of free workshops.  So head on over – you could also get the kids involved too! Great activity for those on their school holidays.

Fear not if you can’t make it to Birmingham or find a local event. You can follow the hashtag #WorldCalligraphyDay and #ManuscriptWCD on social media to see what people get up to and share your own creations. I noticed a few sales this morning too, so be sure to check it out if you want to grab a bargain.

Do it at home!

I recently tried a few of the Manuscript products and found that they were quite easy to use for beginners. I’m not great at it yet but it’s definitely something I enjoyed creating. You can pick up the Beginners Calligraphy Set on their website today!  I used two of the nibs available in that kit in the photo below.

Manuscript Beginners Set
The Manuscript Pen Company have also kindly provided a practice template.  So you can print it off at home and still get involved. You can download this by clicking the image below.

Click to download WCD Template
Visit the Manuscript Pen Company to find out more. I’ll also be attending the event at the Pen Museum day so come say hi if you’re around! See you soon!

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Busy B Address Book

Busy B Address Book coverThe other day, I reviewed the Busy B Birthday Card book.  I mentioned that it worked very well with the Busy B Address Book.  Since I’ve got my hands on one, I thought we’d have a look at that address book today!

You can use both of these products on their own.  To use the card book, you certainly don’t need to have the address book and to use this, you don’t need the birthday book.  This particular product is one that you should own, even if you don’t send people physical cards or letters.  I can’t tell you the amount of times that I am unable to access the contacts on my phone.  Whether it’s because the battery has died or your phone dies and you lose all of the data, sometimes you just can’t access the contacts.

The address book and birthday book seem to work very well together.  Not only do they fit well together, they also share similar appearances.  They both share a similar colour combination.  This address book, however, has a very light lilac coloured background – rather than a grey one.  It shares the same floral pattern and positioning of the text in the centre of the book, which has also been foiled.  The spine also has a dark blue colour running down it.  I love the clean and simple look that this cover has. Continue reading “Busy B Address Book”

Halloween stickers

Busy B Birthday Card Book

Busy B Birthday Card Book, featuring the Address Book too

Today’s post is a review of a product I’ve been eyeing up for a while but have only recently got my hands on: the Busy B Birthday Card Book.  This book was designed to help you remember your loved ones’ birthdays, helping you to plan ahead.  It’s a one time investment as it’s got a perceptual calendar.  This means, you don’t have to worry about getting a new one every year or remembering all of the dates from the top of your head whenever you get a new diary.

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Halloween stickers

The Pen and Paper, Cardiff


I started drafting out this post whilst I was in Cardiff, last week.  I was sitting on a bench in the middle of the street… The sun shining brightly and the wind in my hair (which had to be tied up so I could actually see what I was typing).  Looking up, I could see stores lining up both sides of the street.  The lampposts adorned with the Welsh flag hanging off them and lots of beautiful flowers hanging in the air.  Royal Arcade based in CardiffTo my right was the street I had just came out of.  A small side street known as “Royal Arcade”.  In fact, it has now been marked in my memory as a place to revisit if I have the chance to go back.

Cardiff is a beautiful city with lovely architecture everywhere you look.  It’s interesting to see a mix of the new and the old in a city – and I think that’s particularly noticeable here.  There’s quite a few little alleyways with shops in them.  Really sweet places like the Royal Arcade or others like the Morgan Quarter…  Each housing different businesses.

These are just a few of the things that have stood out about the city, things that I’ve started to fall in love with in my short stay there.  However, as a stationery addict, the real reason for this post does boil down to the small alleyway I mentioned at the start. In the Royal Arcade, there’s a large and beautiful stationery store that I’ve always wanted to visit.  In fact, I’ve stalked them on Twitter for at least a year now but only last week did I have the opportunity to actually see it in person.  This retailer is The Pen and Paper. Continue reading “The Pen and Paper, Cardiff”

Halloween stickers

London Stationery Show

The London Stationery Show is a trade show that takes place every year during National Stationery Week.  It is also now one of my favourite events.  I’ve heard about the event before but never got to experience it myself.  This year, however, I went to the show for the first time as a member of the press.  And honestly?  It was amazing!  The event itself was over a month ago but I still grin just thinking about it!  In fact, I am still working my way through all of the ideas it gave me for my blog so watch this space, there’s definitely a lot more posts to come.

I love stationery – obviously – but I honestly did wonder if I needed to spend two whole days at the show.  I foolishly thought I would cover everything I wanted to see in a day, maybe even less.  However, it pleases me to say that I was wrong – very wrong.  Even the full two days wasn’t enough!  There was so much to see or do, it was brilliant.  As it’s a trade show, it’s not open to the public so I thought I would share a little today with you.

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Halloween stickers

Business Series: Spotlight Stationery

Spotlight Stationery Subscription BoxToday’s feature is a business that I’ve been following quite avidly on social media, called Spotlight Stationery.  They produce these incredibly well curated stationery subscription boxes, each featuring a range of gorgeous products.  I really love that they work with young illustrators, giving them the opportunity to be promoted and they source their products from a range of companies.  In fact, I’ve found out about several new products or brands simply by visiting their website.  Spotlight Stationery also stocks other products, such as notebook covers.  What I really like, however, is their gift sets.  All of them have been curated with a lot of thought and love.  With their luxurious feel, they would make an amazing gift for any special occasion!

One of the masterminds behind Spotlight Stationery is a lady whose passion for stationery is easily noticeable.  Mary was also a judge for the 2017 Stationery Awards, which speaks volumes for her credibility in the profession!  So without further ado, let’s jump into this Q&A with Mary herself.
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