Handmade Holiday Cards featuring The Greeting Farm

Cardmaking is something I really enjoy but don’t always have time to do.  I’ve made it a point to try and actively make cards for Christmas every year.  Most times I manage to make a few but not enough.  This year, I’m making loads so I hopefully will have enough for everyone.  For example, just for today’s post, I’ve made 15-16 cards (though I’ve already posted a few of them to loved ones).  These cards are all very simple to do but a little time consuming.  It’s a great task to do whilst sitting in front of the TV.  Today’s cards are handmade holiday cards featuring The Greeting Farm stamps.  They are really simple and easy to recreate so definitely one that you could do with children too!

First up, I love The Greeting Farm.  Their stamps are so much fun and easy to use.  I picked their “Secret Santa” kit, which comes as untrimmed rubber stamps.  You have to trim them yourself so you can use them but that’s easy enough to do with a good pair of scissors.  They don’t currently stock this stamp set.  However, it seems to reappear every year as a limited time pre-order.  So check around next summer – or sign up to their newsletter – to find out when it’s back, if you want this exact set.  For now, you can recreate this with any stamps!

Create the front card panels

Step 1: I like to cut and size my paper in one go.  By doing this, I can then put away the papercutter, which gives me a bit more space on the desk.  I grabbed a few sheets of Daler & Rowney Aquafine watercolour paper and cut it down to A7 size.  From 1 A4 sheet, you can get 8 pieces of A7 sized cards.

Step 2: This is where it gets fun!  Stamp all of the  card panels.  I stamped all of the different images a couple of times each onto the watercolour paper.  As I said, I used stamps from the Secret Santa kit from The Greeting Farm but you can use any.

Step 3: Here’s where they start to come to life.  Colour them in!  I used watercolours, which is why I chose watercolour paper.  If you’re using pens or pencils, then you can use different type of paper.  Use whatever you like.  I love watercolouring so that’s what I went with.  I used the Winsor & Newton watercolours I have for most of the chibis.  On a few cards, I also coloured the background and added some paints from the Prima Metallic Accents. Once coloured, set them aside to dry.  For some, I coloured the backgrounds whilst for others I didn’t.

Optional step:

Step 4: This isn’t necessary but I think it’s a nice touch.  I wanted to mount these panels onto the card base, showing a bit of the card base as a border.  You don’t have to, you can mount them straight on.  If you want to do what I did, you’ll need to cut a bit of each panel.  I used my Sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine but you can also use a papercutter or scissors.  I used a die which gives this “faux stitched edging”, which I love.

Finish the cards off

Step 5: I took several different sheets of cardstock.  Some were white, there’s an ivory and the rest were kraft coloured.  Cut these down to A6 size.  Then fold each one in half, so you have an A7 folded card.

Step 6: Add double sided tape or glue to the panels and stick them down onto the cards!  It’s literally that easy.

As I did step 4, I had some leftover coloured borders.  I used these on a few of the cards to add a bit of extra colour, without painting the whole background.  That’s it.  It’s so simple to make these but they do take a bit of time.  I coloured the images in on several different evenings, as I was making this after coming home from work.

Remember: Whilst you can do them all the same, I chose to vary a few of them up.  On some, I added backgrounds whilst others I didn’t.  Some I used kraft coloured card, whilst others were white or ivory.  I added a colourful border on a few cards, whilst didn’t add any border on others.  You could definitely also mount them onto red or green card stock – or glitter card, if you have some!  I think that would look super pretty.

Supplies I used:

These are the supplies I used and where you can get them from.  However, please note that you don’t need all of these supplies or the exact ones!  If you want to replicate the exact cards, you’ll need them.  But I think you can do something similar with different products.

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