Stationery Cyber Monday Sales!

I wasn’t planning on doing this as I’ve seen far too many black friday themed posts.  However, I ended up doing some retail therapy and I’ve seen a few sales this past weekend that are brilliant and definitely worth shouting about.  I’ve already spent quite a bit of money but I still want more!  So here’s a few of my favourite Stationery Cyber Monday Sales.  If you’re into stationery, crafts or planning, you’ll want to check these out.

So without further ado, let’s get into some of the Cyber Monday Sales that I’m loving right now!  These are in no particular order but I have placed the UK brands together and the US ones together, for ease.

Paperchase –

I love Paperchase.  Always have and I probably always will!  They have beautiful stationery – and it’s readily available in the UK, which is always a plus.  They’ve extended their Black Friday sale till today, offering 20% to Treat Me card holders.  Treat Me is their own storecard.  If you’re not a Treat Me card holder then what are you doing?!  If you’re a fan of Paperchase, you need to become one.  They even give you a free £5 on your birthday, just because.

Website: Paperchase
Code: BLACK20 (If you’re a Treat me card holder, BLACK15 if not).

Mrs Brimbles

Mrs Brimbles is a great place to stock up on lots of crafty bits and stationery.  You can find a range of products from different sources.  However, she also stocks her own range made from artwork she’s done herself.  I love these products the most.  They are exclusive to her and so stinkin’ cute!!  However, with the current sale on, I couldn’t resist picking up quite a lot of products – and also some of her online workshops!!  The discount applies to the workshops too, which is such a bargain. (By the way, there’s also a very few of her washi tape or stationery advert calendars left in store!!  These aren’t included in the sale but they are a bargain so check them out anyway).

Website: Mrs Brimbles
Etsy Shop: Mrs Brimbles Etsy Shop
BLACKTOCYBER  (No code required on Etsy)

Busy B

If you’re looking for cute and functional products, Busy B is the place to go!  They have tons of brilliant ranges – for the mums, the brides, the travelers, the organisers, everyone!  If you’ve got a busy lifestyle, they’ve got products to help you manage it.  And they also have 35% off everything until midnight (GMT).  Their products are automatically discounted already so go grab a bargain now!

Website: Busy B

The Book People – 

I actually get a lot of my books from here.  I often find lots of cheap colouring books for adults here, including some we got for work – which have been really popular.  In fact, I get children books from here to donate to charities or Christmas gift donations.  They are a great price even before the sale!  If you’re looking to gift books or stock up on your own collection, now is the perfect time to do so.

Website: The Book People


Erin Condren

If you’re a planner person, you’ve no doubt heard of Erin Condren before.  Erin Condren have really changed the planning industry, bringing out personalised planners that work for you and your needs.  Rather than the planners, I actually really like the other products.  They stock pens that write beautifully, pretty stickers and accessories and now have a lot of homeware or apparel that look gorgeous.  I kind of want all of the cushion covers!

Website: Erin Condren
Referral Bonus: Get $10 off your first purchase with my referral link 

Passion Planner  

I love passion planners!  They are incredibly functional planners that help you to achieve your goals and dreams in life.  They’ve changed a lot of people’s lives and are really affordable.  International shipping, for example, for 2 planners is only $12 (which is very reasonable I think!).  They have a few sales on at the moment.  50% off Undated or Academic planners or $5-10 off 2018 Dated planners.  Both the sales end midnight (PST).  There’s no code here either but if you do buy something, please add my name and email to the referral bit.  If there’s enough referrals using my email then I’ll get some free undated planners – which I’ll give away on this blog!  All you need is to add my email ( when asked who referred you!

Website: Passion Planner
Referral email:
Code for FULL-priced items: Reema10 (10% off Full Priced items only.  Valid until 31st December 2017.  Sale items are automatically discounted, no code needed for those).

If you find any more great Cyber Monday sales, let me know!  These are just a few of the ones out there that cater for a huge variety of stationery.  I’m sure there’s tons more.  Please visit the individual companies to find out more about their sale offers and to read their terms and conditions.  These sales are not associated with me, I came across them and thought I would share them as I love all of these companies!  I’ve definitely already placed some orders from these places and may be placing a few more before the end of today…  Whoops!  As a few of these companies are international, you may have to pay customs or a high shipping rate.  Please double check those before purchasing and factor it into the price!

4 thoughts on “Stationery Cyber Monday Sales!

    • Reema says:

      I might have NO money left by Boxing Day!! Think I’ve spent way too much already, d’oh. Definitely got some bargains that I’m really happy with. Let me know if you want me to do a Boxing Day Sales post and I’ll scout around for the best deals 🙂 x

  1. Envy Fisher says:

    I wish Paperchase was a thing here in the Netherlands. I know they ship to my country, but I have no idea if I can become a card holder. When I go to the UK again I’m probably gonna spend all my money on their products, hahaha. Just wish I could make use of this sale though!

    x Envy

    • Reema says:

      Ooh I have no idea. I imagine you could get a card, yes. Don’t think you need to be in the UK, it’s a rewards card. The “treats” (which are the rewards) do expire after a while though so you might struggle to claim your rewards if you’re not able to order. Have a look at their website! It doesn’t cost anything so no harm in having it and getting the extra discounts or free rewards, when you can!!

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