Busy B Birthday Card Book

Busy B Birthday Card Book, featuring the Address Book too

Today’s post is a review of a product I’ve been eyeing up for a while but have only recently got my hands on: the Busy B Birthday Card Book.  This book was designed to help you remember your loved ones’ birthdays, helping you to plan ahead.  It’s a one time investment as it’s got a perceptual calendar.  This means, you don’t have to worry about getting a new one every year or remembering all of the dates from the top of your head whenever you get a new diary.

Initial thoughts, outside appearance: 

Busy B Birthday Card BookAppearance wise, it’s hard to fault.  The cover of this Birthday Card Book is really elegant and gorgeous.

The cover has a beautiful floral pattern with a little bit of gold foiling.  The colour combination is so pretty.  It’s mainly grey with a hint of dark blue, purple and a range of pinks or coral.  It’s the little touches and the attention to detail that I love most about this design.  For example, the gold foiling of the text is a simple little touch but adds more detail to the cover.  The elastic band holding it closed also matches the colour theme.  I’m a massive sucker for purple.  I’m also a sucker for floral – and foil – so appearance wise, it’s pretty perfect.  At first glance, I thought the sharp  dark blue edge of the book was a bit odd but then I noticed the same shade subtly dotted around the design in the centre of the flowers or in the leaves.

The top corner of the folder did arrive slightly bent, damaged in the post.  It comes in a cellophane wrapping and has a protective piece of cardboard on the inside of the folder to protect the tabs and the pages themselves.  However, the corners of the cover may take a little hit in the post. It’s not a big issue and I managed to bend it back into shape so it’s not very noticeable.  With use, I imagine the corners will get damaged (as most folders or books do) but the cover itself is quite thick.   The inside looks undamaged so the packaging did protect the inside, which is the important part.

Inside the Book:

Inside pockets of the Busy B Birthday Card Book

The colour scheme changes a little on the inside.  Whilst the outside was dominated a little more by the dark blue and the purples, the inside features heavily on pink, a warm grey and white.  The appearance of the inside is really clean and simple.  There are 6 dividers held together by coil.  Each of these dividers is double sided with a pocket on each side, giving you a page and pocket for each month.  The colour of the pocket and the background inverse so it’s easier to spot the month you’re looking for.  For example, January has the brownish grey background with a pink pocket, whilst February and March have a pink background with the grey pocket.

Each pocket is clearly marked.  You get a line per day for each month, including the 29th February for leap year babies.  I think there’s enough space to write two, maybe even three, names on one line.  The smaller your handwriting, the more you could fit of course.  If you happen to have a lot of friends or family members born on the same day then it may be a bit more of a struggle.  However, there’s some empty space at the bottom of the month to write some additional names for a particular day.  It all comes down to how many loved ones are actually born on the same day.  I tend to know a maximum of two people on one particular day, all of whom fit easily onto the line.

What I love about this month to view is that you can quickly see all of the birthdays coming up.  The pocket means you can store the cards for those birthdays on the same page.  It’s a lot easier to have this set up than have birthdays marked in one diary with cards in another one.

Inside cover:

Wedding Anniversary List in the Busy B Birthday Card Book

On the front of the inside cover, there’s a wedding anniversary list.  It lists the different names for various years, such as the 1st anniversary is known as “paper” whilst the 50th anniversary is the “golden” anniversary.  I really like this feature as I think it’s a nice touch to have.  It’s a little odd to have it when it’s a “birthday” card book and the front says “very important birthdays” but my plan is to use it as a general card book.  I’ll be putting in wedding anniversaries in here so I think it’s a great touch to have.  I’d prefer it to say “very important dates”, “special occasions” or something like “cards to remember” on the front so it’s not birthday specific.  However, since that is the main purpose, I don’t mind too much.

Back pocket of the Busy B Birthday Card Book

On the back of the inside cover is, perhaps, my favourite detail of this book.  There’s a pocket that expands and is big enough to fit additional accessories.  It can even hold the Busy B Address Book, which I think is a great touch.  This detail is small but incredibly useful.  If you open the book and notice that your friend’s birthday is next week, you can quickly open up the address book, write down their address onto the envelope and post it.

Other uses for the pocket:
  • Address book & postal kit –  you don’t need to have a Busy B address book to do this.  You may be able to fit in other brand address books or even a notebook with addresses in it.  Add stamps and a pen, and you’ll have everything you need to write the address and post it!
  • Birthday present ideas – store ideas in a notebook, lists, magazine cuttings or photos for example.
  • Party planning ideas – store any ideas or party plans there.
  • Special occasions cards – store cards here that may not fit in the other sections, such as a one off graduation card you might need that year or Christmas cards.
  • Storage – you could use it as a storage pocket for yourself.  Add cards that you receive into the pocket to keep them all together.
  • Cardmaking ideas – if you enjoy cardmaking, store some ideas at the back. This way, you have them next time you want to make cards for upcoming birthdays
  • Envelopes – store spare envelopes at the back for cards that don’t come with them.
  • Vouchers – if you have vouchers for presents, party decorations or a cake, you can keep them safe here.
  • Gift Cards – store gift cards you plan to give to people at the back to keep them altogether.
  • Pack of colourful or nice pens – keep a pack of nice pens, such as colourful glitter gen pens, that you can use to write inside the cards.


This Birthday Card Book is not only gorgeous but also incredibly functional.  I was a little hesitant about the binding at first glance.  The spiral coil is held in place by a sheet stuck to the back.  At first, I thought this was a bit of paper that could easily rip.  However, I tried to rip it and it feels more like plastic.  It didn’t rip at all, despite my attempts.  So I feel more reassured that it will last longer than I thought.  I’m definitely going to start filling it in and give it a go throughout the year.

I can’t wait to use it.  I’m hoping it will help me to become more organised when it comes to birthdays!  If you are like me and you always forget to get cards for your loved ones until the last minute then check out this fantastic product.  Sending physical cards and happy mail is so much fun, so why not give it a go?  Visit Busy B to find out more about the product or get your hands on it.

Disclaimer: Busy B kindly sent me this product for free for review purposes.  All opinions, however, are my own.  I chose to review this product because I really love the concept of it and wanted to see it in person.  It’s certainly lived up to my expectations.

6 thoughts on “Busy B Birthday Card Book

  1. Thoroughly Modern Emily says:

    This is such a fun way to keep track of birthdays throughout the year! I have them programmed into my phone, but obviously I can’t see the month’s special dates at a glance the way you can with this planner. I love the design, too!


  2. Kerri says:

    This is adorable your blog! I mean a whole blog about stationery? I wish I was that pulled together 😛 This planner caught my eyes with how girly it is 🙂 Cute!

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